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SOMESCREEN® brings real-time user generated content and image feeds as a moderated message wall to different event displays. SOMESCREEN UI is extremely easy to modify in a minutes. It's possible to use e.g. own background graphics, select different message animations and layout and define where and how many messages are presented on display.

People can send Twitter messages with their favourite applications. SOMESCREEN manager just needs to define the desired #hashtags and @users to follow and then moderate the incoming feed to publish it on desired displays. SOMESCREEN contains its own mobile service as well. It allows to send messages, answer to polls and follow SOMESCREEN message wall. This service is suitable for users, who don’t have Twitter account or do not want to use it for this purpose. Mobile service is also ideal to use in situations, where messages are confidential.

SOMESCREEN® contains modern tools to manage real-time voting in addition to simple and intuitive moderation functions. Questions and answer choices are defined beforehand and they can be published on SOMESCREEN at desired time. Answers are collected for further processing purposes.

Absolutely no additional hardware investments are needed to run the service.

SOMESCREEN enables social media interaction in every moment

Only your imagination sets limits for SOMESCREEN!

Use cases

There are numerous ways to use SOMESCREEN, like general communication, lobby info displays, event information channel, Twitter wall, commenting and questioning channel in seminar, simple polls and quizzes.


Give an opportunity for the attendees to really be a part of the event by sending e.g. selfies and other personal messages. SOMESCREEN converts social media messages to a tangible communication channel. It also acts as an effective channel for general event information.


Create a powerful communication channel for mutual feedback between seminar guests and performers. Engage the audience to take more active role with polls and possibility for immediate commenting.

Digital Signage

Use Digital Signage as communication channel. Combine traditional marketing with clients’ opinions by utilizing SOMESCREEN. Connect the service to Sofia Digital Signage solution to get seamlessly integrated combination of both systems.

Supported services and applications

Twitter: send message; follow #hashtag, @user

SOMESCREEN mobile service: send message, answer (to poll), browse SOMESCREEN message wall

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